Shady Camp Runoff Barra Fishing Charters

Barra Fishing at its best

To go Barramundi Fishing in Darwin at “Run off” time is to go the couple of months after the wet season, namely the end of February through to Early May. It refers to flood waters emptying from vast plains into our creeks and rivers. This massive drainage carries with it a bounty of food consisting mainly of small fish, crustaceans, frogs and insects. Waiting for this feast are hordes of predators including our famous high flying Barramundi and the reel emptying Thread Fin or ‘King’ Salmon.

Catering for groups of up to four per boat, we discuss witih you your fishing styles and options, customising your charter to suit your requirements.  Speaking directly to the owner operators ensures you will experience the best possible fishing charter to your preferences.


During the Runoff there are two tides. The Spring Tide where there is large tidal movement and the Neap tides where there is smaller tidal movement.

On the spring tides we generally travel up into small flung creeks.  This is where the big fish move in with the high water. These tides are our main casting tides where you will throw large shallow diving lures and soft plastics for Barra. Hooking and trying to control a metre plus barramundi in tight surroundings is one of an anglers greatest threes in trying to control the monsters.  It is an experience you will never forget.  Many fishos return year after year to do battle with these behemoths.

Neap tides are an ideal time to fish the river mouths where the big barra and threadfin salmon gather to feed after spawning. You will be trolling large lures to cover more ground and locate fish. Once achieved the results are often spectacular. It is a far more relaxing affair and ideally suited to those who appreciate the laid back approach to fishing.  Although, once hooked it is like a freight train taking off you will be working hard to pull your line up.