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Million Dollar Fish S6 2020

A million reasons to visit the Top End’s Wet Season

Coming into it’s Sixth year the Million Dollar Fish (“MDF”) will kick off again this year on 1 October 2020. With 7 barra tagged with a Million Dollars you have an even greater chance of hooking a Million Dollar Barra. Also on offer are 100 $10,000 and 20 $5,000 barra let go throughout the Top End. For registering you also get the chance to win some great prizes including Engel Fridges, Anaconda Gift Certificate, Shimano and Reidy’s tackle and holidays to the Top End

The Wet Season offers the angler some great fishing options for barramundi as well as other blue water species including Jewfish and snapper.

The rivers and floodplains start to fill with bait fish, enticing the barra and into the rivers to feed.

The Temperature

Many people will tell you that it is hot in Darwin during the Wet Season. In fact Darwin is probably one of the cooler places in Australia during the Summer. Getting to approximately 33 degrees, yes it may get a bit sticky but there are plenty of ways to stay cool. You are here to get away and relax and it is the perfect weather to do just that.

The Storms

The Wet…… You can be forgiven thinking during the Wet it rains all the time. Well not so, unless you are here during the Monsoon. An interesting fact did you know that we have a maximum of 15 days when the Monsoon comes through and the Monsoon usually lasts 3 – 5 days. The rest of the time it is an early morning and late afternoon storm, leaving you majority of the day to explore our great City and surrounding areas.

A storm chasers dream, the storms are one of nature’s spectacular light shows on offer most evenings in the Top End during the Wet. Whilst dining at one of our fabulous waterfront restaurants along the harbour, you will be treated to a storm with lightening strikes and thunder that can goes right through you and can shake the building your in.

The Landscape

The Wet is when the Top End comes alive. The trees are in full bloom, the animals are breeding and their most active, the Waterfalls are flowing and it is green everywhere. A great way to explore the landscape is to get on a Scenic flight out of Darwin and head out to Kakadu, flying over the floodplains of the Adelaide and Mary River Systems and onto the spectacular Jim Jim falls and other selected areas throughout Kakadu.

To get closer to nature, you can hop aboard one of the Fishing Charters and explore the water ways. Reel Screamin Barra Fishing offer Small Group Fishing tours of up to 4, so a personalised experience is guaranteed. Many of our customers say that they find Jarrod easy to get along with and has a wealth knowledge and experience in both the area he fishes and the fishing itself. It is a bit of a 2 for 1 deal. A fishing charter on a scenic billabong/river always delivers an experience not to forget.

For your chance to win some great prizes or a million dollars check out Million Dollar Fish Here