Barra Fishing Vehicle and Boat

Reel Screamin’ Barra Fishing uses a purpose built vessel – a 6.4 metre Customworks ‘Eliminator’ powered by a 225hp Yamaha. The Eliminator is designed and built in the Northern Territory to handle the local conditions. Made from a plate aluminium construction she is solid, fast and a great platform to fish from. Although surveyed for five clients we generally stick to four for optimal comfort and fishing space. There are padded seats, wide gunwhales, large iced eskys, iced water coolers and umbrellas to keep you out of the sun when required

We transfer clients in an air-conditioned Nissan Patrol 4WD, which are licensed to carry 6 passengers in accordance with NT registration of tourist vehicles. This size of vehicle allows for easy transportation of clients and gear while comfortably towing a large boat.

Tackle Used whilst Barra Fishing

Reel Screamin’ Barra Fishing uses top quality tackle. We believe this gives the client the very best opportunity to catch the famous barramundi, as well as any other tropical sport fish encountered whilst fishing in the top end. This often includes threadfin salmon, Saratoga and Black Jew in the rivers or estuaries and Mackerel, Queenfish, Golden Snapper, G.T.s, Coral Trout etc in the blue water. It depends on the location fished to the species targeted.

We use both baitcast and spinning reels depending on the method used for the fish we are chasing (a standard tour does not include fly fishing although we can tailor one if requested). Don’t worry if you are new to either type – We are there to teach you, that is our job! Of course getting some practice casting in before you come up will put you instantly fishing ahead of the field to land those barramundi. Many clients set a bucket up in the backyard at home to get their eye in. We use a huge variety of lures to ensure the client has the best opportunity to catch fish. Having a range of styles is important as often the barra bite on different types of lures in different conditions. This can depend on tides, weather, water clarity, time of day etc and we will guide you through each. If you would like to learn a specific technique do not hesitate to ask.

All Fishing tackle is supplied on a lost or broken replacement basis. We use high quality expensive tackle and ask if you can treat it with care as you would your own.

You are welcome to bring your own tackle too – just make sure it is up to the task! Losing the fish of a lifetime to gear failure is heart breaking. If you are not sure what to bring give us a call or email.